Best Online Casinos for money【2021】

There are thousands of online casino sites all over the internet. All of them are interesting, tempting, promise a fun pastime and significant winnings. But how to choose the best from thousands of casinos? Which one is the most interesting, the most reliable? Especially if you are new to the field of gambling. The SmartCasinoGuide team has set itself the goal of analyzing information about numerous online casinos, evaluating their work, compiling ratings and a filter system in order to help the user choose the best one. Here you can find more information about our ranking - Best Online Casinos for Money 2021.

When evaluating a casino, not only the numerous criteria that you will find below are taken into account, but also the specifics of a particular country. For example, in a particular country, we pay more attention to the best online casino sites that operate in this region, offering additional bonuses to players from that country.

We also evaluate online casinos with the best licenses and the ability to deposit funds through local payment systems.

Casino rating - how to rate the best online casinos for money?
We get great pleasure from casino games, which is why it is we who check all the companies that provide the relevant services ourselves. We are testing new games as well as new payment systems. That is why we are well aware of what constitutes a good and convenient casino and how it differs from those that do not care about the convenience of their customers.

We invest real money in casino testing, read complex rules for receiving bonuses, ask difficult questions and set difficult tasks for customer support, assessing how and how effectively casino representatives solve our problems. That is why we understand the expectations of our website visitors, and we want to help them in choosing a casino that will meet their expectations.

The main criteria for evaluating the best online casinos:
- Reliability
- Availability of games in the offered assortment
- Software
- Customer support
- Rewards and bonuses
- Mobile casino (mobile version)
- Live casino (online casino with a live dealer)


1. Reliability of online casinos
Reliability is the most important criterion when making an assessment. When evaluating this aspect, we take into account the reputation of both the top casino and the site itself, as well as the reputation of the company providing casino services in general, since this site belongs to it.

We pay special attention to licenses and how long the casino has been operating at the moment, we study how successful the company and the casino have been in previous years. We review player reviews on other sites and forums.

We evaluate the rules of casino games and the rules by which bonus payments are made - how clear and rational they are. In doing so, we also take into account the obstacles that arise when withdrawing funds from the account. We will in no way recommend a casino that, without providing a clear explanation of the reasons, delays the payment of funds, freezes the funds deposited by the players, etc.

2. Availability of games in the offered assortment
The more games a casino offers, the higher the level of player satisfaction. However, it is important not only to have a wide selection of games, but also to ensure they run smoothly.

We check if the games in the top casinos are presented in a normally functioning mobile version. We also clarify what are the current restrictions on the size of bets. In addition, the assessment takes into account the presence of unique gambling games in the casino.

Another significant advantage that is of great importance is the constantly expanding range of games. We separately evaluate the main groups of games presented and how the casino is adapted to play each of these games. You can sort the casinos by the rating of a particular game, choosing the best casinos from those that offer it. For example, you can find the best casino to play Video Poker.

The games for which we carry out a special, separate check include the following: Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat, Keno, Bingo, Instant Lottery ( Scratch Cards).

Card Games: Texas Holdem, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, 3 Card Hold'em, Red Dog, Tequila Poker, Hi-Lo, 3 Card Brag, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Holdem Poker, 3 Card Poker ), Oasis Poker, Video Poker.

3. Software
Convenient and modern software has become absolutely essential.

Some casino service companies are more focused on effective management, while others are making an effort to offer their customers as much service as possible. Some offer a variety of languages ​​or configurations that allow you to use the software without any difficulty.

However, not all of the company's programs run on devices running various operating systems. Thus, depending on whether you are using Windows or Mac, there may be differences in the functioning of the software. When choosing the best casino, we pay attention to how often errors, failures, etc. occur during the program's operation.

A high error rate indicates less reliability, while frequent updates are somewhat annoying. Yet this is a sign that casinos are seriously concerned with issues such as safety and user friendliness.

Since 2019, we have been focusing on mobile versions of games as more and more people want to enjoy casino games on their phones.